Sunday, July 6, 2014

Update! First iPad Post!

Hello everyone! 

I hope everyone has had a decent weekend so far!  I have been keeping busy too, I haven't been able to exercise but I have been active.

Having to go shopping and walking around lifting heavy bags of dog food and bottles of laundry soap can be quite a workout.

I have also done some food shopping, this weekend I have been somewhat naughty diet wise because I had a friend celebrating a birthday and the previous day I got taken out to eat for my own birthday, which is later this month.

I also finally upgraded to an iPad as of yesterday, so this is my first blog post from it! I hope the formatting and everything stays the same.  One thing I don't see here is changing font colors and styles, so on occasion you may see some posts that look a little weird, I am getting used to the iPad and I will change font formats when I am on my PC later.

I am also in the process of adding apps including MyFitnessPal.  Add me! My username is asagi722. 

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