Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Right Way to Cook Hard Boiled Eggs

Hello everyone!

As you may know by reading my other posts, a major staple in my diet is good old hard boiled eggs. 

Did you know that most people actually cook them WRONG?

Yep.  There's a wrong way to cook hard boiled eggs.  Hint: If you have a grayish outside on your yolks, you cooked them wrong.

You fail at eggs.

Now these are some pretty eggs. 

But those grey yolks are unavoidable, right?  Nope!  

Here's how you get perfectly colored and cooked eggs- by not boiling them!

What you need:




1. Put eggs in pot and fill and cover with cold water.

2. Heat pot until the water JUST starts to boil.  

3. Cover the pot and TURN OFF the burner.

4. Do not disturb for 10-12 minutes.

All that heat in the water will cook the eggs, and if you leave them a bit longer it won't hurt the recipe.  When done, take the eggs out and rinse with cool water.  Enjoy!

Has anyone ever made eggs like this?  I know it's no REAL secret but I do know that most people I know (myself included) make them all gray and stuff.

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