Sunday, October 19, 2014

Another Asian Workout I Found!

Hello everyone!

A long while back, I wrote about a workout from Korea called Figurerobics (You can check out the blog post here: My Blog on Figurerobics!)

I have friends all over the world (or so it seems!) and a friend of mine in Japan (who is also trying to lose some weight- I will tell you not ALL Japanese women are slim. Nope. ) told me about a popular workout program that women are doing called Curvy Dance!

Curvy Dance was invented by a woman named Hiromi Kashiki and the goal is to get a slim, curvy, feminine figure.  The reviews of her products from users said things like how the workouts are easy to follow, yet really get you sweating. 

Hiromi wrote several books about her program, which come with DVDs and are sadly, in Japanese and can't be played on other region DVD players.  Still want to see what it looks like and perhaps, try it?

This has everything, a warm up, 2 dance combinations, a cool down and even breakdown for the combinations.

I think this could  be good for those who need a low impact workout but still want to move.  Like me. My ankle is a bit better but I still cannot be on my hands and knees. (I tried again today and it wasn't working) I still don't feel confident to jump around either, so I will try this. It can't hurt, right?

Have you ever heard of Curvy Dance? Would you try it?

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