Sunday, July 20, 2014

Six Pack Abs- Are they even realistic?

Hello everyone!

Something I have thought about on and off but was triggered by a conversation with a male friend was the subject of six pack abs, particularly on women.  He thinks it's "ideal" and "cute" for a woman to have a six pack whereas I find it unfeminine for my body.

Most women with 6 pack- not a feminine shape for me. 

Opinions aside, is it even worth it?  I read some articles and the truth behind women having six pack abs reveals a LOT of work and self torture to get them.

1. According to an article I read, we ladies need to get to a VERY low body fat for these abs to show, perhaps even low enough to stop our menstruation.  I'll pass.

2. A very strict diet is usually a big part of this "master plan" to get six pack abs.

3. It's also a lot of time in the gym. 

Also, some people genetically have a bigger advantage of getting these abs whereas most of us don't.  Also, these rules do not apply to everyone, of course, but generally a really strict regimen is in order to have six pack abs. 

However, I am not against people who WANT this kind of body.  It's your body, you have every right to try to make it how you like it. Just do it in a healthy way and don't hurt yourself. :)

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