Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Metamorphosis 2014 Day 9/90

Hello everyone!

Day 9 didn't go as well as I planned and I decided to tweak one part of it.

The parts that went bad: The diet and the MS work.

I found myself to be way more hungry today than normal.   And I gave in a bit to that.  Do I feel guilty? A little.  Should I? No.

My MS work went horribly.  I felt much heavier from the food I ate, and I found myself getting very tired and burning after only a few reps- less than I did the previous couple of days.  I guess it wasn't too horrible since it DID get done.  That's the important part. Not breaking my habit. 

Now the Cardio... That is what I am tweaking.   Because I felt a bit nauseated, I thought maybe I should try to do Dance + Cardio instead of the Meta cardip, thinking "Oh, it's easier."

Well... Yes and no.  It really depends on your fitness level.

I was quickly reminded that Dance + Cardio is the video I should be doing.  Sure, there's less jumping, but that doesn't matter.  In Meta DC, Tracy says that you need to be good enough at it to get a good sweat, sweating is key, etc.

An absolute MUST HAVE.

Well, doing Dance + Cardio, I did sweat. A lot. Just as much as if I did Meta DC.    Another point- I have to improvise a lot during Meta cardio.  There is just way too much jumping for me and I often have to slow down or stop or just struggle to keep standing up.  That's no good.

Dance + Cardio, I could keep up with Tracy for the most part, while still feeling challenged and feeling like I am building strength- especially in my hips.  And I felt more graceful being able to actually DO the moves she was doing instead of wondering things like "How the hell am I going to make _____ a non-jumping move?"

There's still the kicks and such but they are done in such a way to build up strength.  If you are out of shape and have weak hips and jumping is not something you can do yet, buy Dance + Cardio.  It will make your life much easier and help you in the long run.  It will also help build confidence with the cardio, especially if you're clunky and klutzy like me. And the best part: There's 2 30 minute combos, so even people like me can work up to a whole hour of good sweaty cardio without worrying about destroying our joints and lungs.

So, my new little goal- Work up to a full hour of this DVD! You don't have to jump around like a bunny on crack to get the most out of your dance cardio.  After doing this first combo, as I sit here now, my hips and butt feel tighter and sore, in a good way- like I am building them up to be stronger instead of flailing around like a rag doll trying to keep up.  Sure, I sweated during Meta, no question, but I felt less "worked out" and "toned up" and more "Run over by a train". 

So, if you suck at cardio, and Meta DC intimidates you, there is hope for you! (And no excuses!) 

Also- Tomorrow is the last day of level 1~ And I will measure my body also!

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