Friday, June 6, 2014

Metamorphosis 2014 Day 5/90

Hello everyone!

Today was my fifth day and it didn't go perfectly at all.

I feel like I ate too much, as I had eaten more calories than I'd have liked to.  This led to a serious argument between my brain and I. 

My brain with its usual habits was trying to tell me that since I didn't eat perfectly, why bother working out? Just relax. Fuck it. You screwed up. It's all over now.   My conscience thought the opposite: So what if you ate a little more? That workout needs to be done. 

Devil: You don't have to work out today, you failure.
Angel: Get on that mat, missy.
Who won? Surprisingly, the angel.  I did my workout. I did it all.  But... It sucked horribly.  I felt like my skeleton was made of lead again and I could only do a few reps of the MS work before vomiting in my mouth a little. Literally.   But, I did my best anyway.  It wasn't great but it was my best today.

Tomorrow is Day 6- then the long awaited rest day!

Also as for the diet, I think I am going to start loosely following Tracy's Dynamic Eating Plan.  I don't trust myself yet and I want results.

No purees or any of that nonsense but the solid food weeks, I think those are generally doable and I already have the ingredients at home.

Dynamic Eating Plan
The body reset weeks are very doable, I already have all the stuff (for dinner I would have tofu and a salad instead of whatever, as I said LOOSELY following, and I do have Think Thins laying around.)

So, I'll start adhering more to her style of eating and see if it helps.  I do wish I could start drinking her shake but it's way too expensive at the moment. 120 dollars a month... That's a bit much for me yet.

Any of you experience nausea while working out with TAM?

Hope you have a great weekend, see you tomorrow!

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