Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Metamorphosis 2014 Day 2/90

Hello everyone!

Today was Day 2! 

Was it easier? Yes and no.  I didn't allow the muscular structure work to get easier.  I did more reps until I couldn't hold form anymore and stopped. How many reps did I do? No idea. I don't count. I focus on doing as many as I can in one shot. The result: A dripping wet mat and a dripping wet me.

Dance cardio... I almost backed out and reverted back to Dance + Cardio because it's easier.  Instead, I took a water break and a breather, and jammed out to Meta DC again.  I still felt a little leadlike, but less. I had to still slow down to a simple step touch now and then, but the end result is that it got done.

Do your Dance Cardio, even if you look ridiculous.

I have been also checking off my weight and workouts on the calendar, which I have an electronic copy of when I scanned it. 

I can't wait to measure on June 12- which is Day 10 and then I can move on to a new workout! *Yay*

I also can't wait until Sunday- My rest day!
So that's day 2. 88 days sounds much less daunting than 90, haha. I also can't wait until Sunday- My rest day!

Check back tomorrow for day 3!  Have a great night!

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