Friday, June 13, 2014

Metamorphosis 2014 Day 11/90

Hello everyone!!!

So, I have moved on to Abcentric Level 2, the first uniquely Abcentric level.  (All centrics have the same levels 1 and 9.  Each centric's even numbered levels are unique, the odds are as follows:  Ab/Glute, and Hip/Omni.   Ab and Glute sharing levels works fine for me, since my butt is my other major issue.  For my weight, my arms and legs aren't so bad.)

This is my first time doing Abcentric level 2.... And it was difficult.  Not in the sense that the moves themselves were hard, (although they were harder than level 1 for sure) but they were all new and very awkward; I need to get used to them, which usually happens by day 3.

My main confused moment was the floor abs, as it is a bit hard to crane my head up and look at what she is doing.  For the parts I could see and attempted to try, this was my reaction:

I didn't do all the reps on the floor abs, I couldn't.  I need to watch it more and get a feel of it.  Same goes for the legs.  I did at least 5-10 of the reps, but the first days of new levels I focus more on learning the move with good form rather than just trying to flail out as many poorly done reps as I can.

And also, I did my Dance + Cardio combination 1.  I am starting to feel a bit more free in the movements, and not so dead afterwards.  This means that soon, trying to do a whole hour will happen. Of course, not substituting the MS work.

Also tomorrow's workout will mark a HUGE milestone for me: 2 weeks of consistent workouts, without skipping cardio/half assing it.  Yep. All this time I had always been a cardio shirker, but no longer.  I can't skip, both parts of the method are equally important.

Diet wise, I am still easing into that.  I'm focusing on getting the workouts done in a habitual manner first.

Now I'm off to bed, but I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. Hi there...great job! I had to stop most of my mat work bc I had severe shoulder pain and I could6nt support myself well.
    So I have mainly been doing dance cardio in the form of zumba. Once I figure out what is wrong with my shoulder myabe i can try meta again.