Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Metamorphosis 2014 Day 3/90

Hello everyone!

Today was different than the other two.  I felt as if my workout... Totally sucked.  Warning: TMI post!

First off, I was really hungry today. And I mean HUNGRY.  However, I resisted the urge to snack, and had water instead.  That helped, likely meaning I was dehydrated. Phew.

What I wanted to do, really (but didn't).

Then, as unbelievable as it sounds, I pulled my left butt muscle.  That made MS a living hell.  I made it through the arms and abs (barely- Abs are a struggle still, sometimes I miss a rep here and there because I'm not quite strong there yet) and the right side of the leg movements.  Then came the left side. GROAN.  I did the best I could, I don't count reps but I am pretty sure for a couple of the moves I couldn't even do ten reps.  However, the reps I could do got done to the best of my ability. 

Then DC... I really, really, did NOT want to do it today, my butt was still in knots after MS and I delayed it as much as I could, until it hit me- It had to be done. No excuses this time. So... I begrudgingly changed the DVD and started to dance. After about ten minutes, I was able to somewhat dance like I had the past two days.  Not 100%, partly because of my sore butt and partly because I was just plain tired.  Also, my stomach was beginning to hurt for some reason.

Then finally, the aftermath. That stomachache... Turned into a very intense visit to the toilet.  I freaked out a bit, until I searched the symptoms.  Very common, actually, when one does a very intense workout.  The blood leaves the digestive system to go help your muscles, and that results in your digestives just... Literally... Dumping everything out.  Gross, I know. I warned you!

Well, even though it had its very unpretty pitfalls, day 3, you are so over.

Hope everyone got their workouts in today too!

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