Saturday, June 7, 2014

Metamorphosis 2014 Day 6/90

Hello everyone!

It's official! I made it through a whole six days of workouts without skipping any.  This has never happened before, haha.  So, I am feeling pretty proud!

Feeling pretty proud... Small victory!

I am getting better and better at the DC, MS is still a struggle.  However, at my weight, Being able to do as much MS as I can is still pretty impressive- I'm lugging and lifting around a lot more weight than most.

I actually jumped some of the DC, right now I am trying to jump all of the jumping jacks.  I'm not quite there yet, but I at least can do the last little burst of jumping jacks she does at the end of the workout.  

I do need to clean  up my diet a bit more, this week I am getting used to the idea of working out every day, and now I think I can start making my diet more TAM-friendly.  I did weigh myself this week, it's not official, but I have actually GAINED 2 pounds. Not good.  I have 4 days more of level 1 to do, so I will blast through these days the best I can while following a better diet.  However (TMI alert) I am supposedly ovulating right now so that could also be the source of the weight- I AM feeling and looking a bit smaller, so I know it's not fat.

Tomorrow (Sunday!) is my first rest day, but I will try to make it an active one. I hope everyone is having a great weekend! 

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