Monday, June 9, 2014

Metamorphosis 2014 Day 7/90

Hello everyone!

After a glorious rest day, I'm back! Finished my seventh day!  This means only 3 days left of level 1 (I won't miss you!) Then.... Measuring time on June 12~

I almost missed my workout today. Almost.  I took a nap after work (I didn't get the best night's sleep last night) and before I knew it, it was 9 o'clock at night and I hadn't got it done yet. So, I did what any reasonable person would do: I did it anyway!

The MS work is getting easier, which in the past usually happened about this point.   These next three days I am going to really bust ass and do as many reps as I can to almost failure to get the most out of these last days.  

The dance cardio is getting better too! Today, I actually jumped a little. I felt much lighter on my feet and even hopped around a bit and did the little burst of jumping jacks at the end of the workout.  No pain, no discomfort, I do not work out too far out of my comfort zone so that I CAN work out the next day.

Today I also started Tracy's diet (I am not doing those purees. I like to chew my food and I think they're a bit unnecessary)


2 Hard boiled eggs and a green apple


Dark Chocolate Think Thin Bar


6 ounces of grilled steak and a salad.

I was not hungry at all today, it seems like very little food but I really didn't feel hungry or weak. 

Oh, and one more thing! A little Non-scale-victory!  I was able to put on and wear a shirt that had never fit me since I bought it a couple months ago, and I am seeing little things like a waist forming, fat leaving various places of my body, and feeling much less clumsy in general. 

So, things seem to be going well for me for once! Hope all of you are having good luck with your workouts too!

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