Thursday, June 5, 2014

Metamorphosis 2014 Day 4/90

Hello everyone!

Day 4 was a bit weird in the sense that this time, my workout got done VERY late.  I was so tired when I got home from work today that I took a nap.   But, it doesn't matter because it got done.  That's what we care about, right?

This time, my workout itself went pretty smoothly.  No pulled muscles, no weird pains.  I still don't count reps, but I know I was able to do more this time.  Some moves I still struggle with, the ones where I lift my legs out to the side to work the hips. I just did as many as I could before my form started to go bad.

The Dance Cardio... Was better today!  If you are feeling discouraged about it, believe me, it DOES get better.   Today I felt a lot more light and free than before. I even jumped a little.  Still a long way to go but what's most important to me is the time flew by.  I didn't keep staring at the counter on my DVD player hoping that it would speed up this time.  

Wise words, especially relevant today.

I normally am not one for cliche quotes, but this one resonated with me.  On Monday, I sucked, bad,  Tuesday and Wednesday too. And even a bit today. However... I suck less.  And so will you.   So, if you're starting Meta and wondering how the hell you are going to get through this, my answer is this: Bit by bit, keep showing up and you will get better. DO NOT SKIP ANY PARTS OF YOUR WORKOUT!  In the past I had always avoided cardio, and so on and it got me nowhere.

So... Looking forward for the next workout!  Have a great day!

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