Tuesday, July 2, 2013

More Tracy Anderson DVDs?

Hello everyone!

I posted recently about the re-issuing (for a cheaper price) of Tracy Anderson's older videos.

Looks like she is coming out with more, but her main facebook page and the community on her website are keeping quiet about it.

1. The Method for Beginners

From what I have been gathering, this is supposed to be for those whom Metamorphosis is too hard for, or for those entirely new to the method.  The DVD is not listed on her site but it is on amazon.  I  preordered it, right now it is about $9.  http://www.amazon.com/Method-Beginners-Tracy-Anderson/dp/B00D2UMHC4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1372800426&sr=8-1&keywords=the+method+for+beginners

"Tracy Anderson has created her fitness method based on empowering the small muscle groups and engaging those muscles to support the large muscle groups. These 30-minute programs will work your entire body as you begin to build connectivity between your muscles and throughout your body. These programs are an enhanced introduction to the Tracy Anderson Method and are designed for all abilities. All of the exercises and moves are for beginners and they engage your body as you increase your strength. This is a fun way to tone your body as you build on the basics of the Tracy Anderson Method."

2. Post Pregnancy 2

I have very little info about this one, but it DOES exist.  In a video I saw with an interview with Tracy, they show clips of this new workout (and her new baby girl is in it too!) 

3. Reissues of -wait for it- The Perfect Design series!

This is one I am very excited for, as I wanted the originals but they were spendy for me.  Now, also for pre-order are the Perfect Design Series!

The third one does not have a picture yet, but there IS a link to pre-order.

There is one thing I have NOT seen for preorder or reissue yet and that is the Beginner Dance Cardio.  I own the re-issue of her original 2008 Dance Cardio and her advanced Dance Cardio II.

Are you guys going to order any of these?  Are you excited about the method for beginners or the second post pregnancy video?

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