Monday, June 24, 2013

Day 1 Hipcentric Metamorphosis

Hello everyone!

So, today I started my first day of my "Pre-Meta" training with Hipcentric. 

Oh boy.

First off, I decided to not worry too much about body measurements with this round, because the goal here is to strengthen myself up.  I am, however, tracking my weight.  Inches I am saving for Abcentric, which when I hope to really push myself to see results. 

I'm not saying I am not aiming for results this time- the goal is to drop some pounds here, of course, so when I get to Abcentric I am lighter and can move freely.

But yes, on to my workout that DID get done.  I sucked. I really, really sucked compared to before.  I know I shouldn't say those kinds of things about myself but hey, it was a reality check.

Dance Cardio:

I popped in the 30 day dvd and did one 10 minute segment of the cardio. Oh. My. God.  I wanted to die 2 minutes in.  My back hurt, my legs hurt, I was drenched with sweat with my barely-keeping-up step touching. I used to be able to do 30 minutes with Metamorphosis.

MS (Muscular Structure):

More disappointment.  I did the Level 1 workout.  Arms burned like hell. That was expected.  Abs burned like hell, that was also expected.  I was able to pull through all those reps.  Then reality set in- the legs.  I was barely able to do 5 reps of each move.


Given that I have gained a lot of weight lately, and have not worked out in FOREVER, I should have expected it, embraced it, and used it as a starting point.  But no, I had a moment where I felt like a hopeless utter, failtastic failure.

Then I talked to a friend (who is also working out) and she reassured me that it WILL get better and the scale WILL go down. 5 reps will turn to 10, and so on. *sigh*  The perfectionist in me hates this!

I am sitting here, sore, sweaty, hot, and hoping tomorrow is better.   Have a great night everyone!

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  1. YOu can only go forward from where you start. Keep going.
    And tell the perfectionist in you that you are concentrating on getting the form right as form beats reps every time. YOu want to strengthen the little muscles.