Saturday, July 20, 2013

More information and a video about the Method for Beginners

Hello everyone!

A while back I posted about Tracy's upcoming video, The Method for Beginners.  At the time of that posting, there wasn't a lot of information about the video or anything, just the fact that it was going to be coming out soon.

Now, there is some information out and even a little video clip of what to expect!

According to

Certified instructor description: Tracy's first-ever "beginner" workouts — fast-paced toning moves that emphasize precise form and controlled body placement. Unlike some of Tracy's other programs, these are fully cued with rep counts and technique tips (the perfect "introduction" to her unique exercise method). The first workout begins with a chair-based warm-up that incorporates pliés, stretches and side-bends. That's followed by toning sequences that range from classic chest presses to muscle-focused grapevines. The second workout also features an intense warm-up and dancer-style body-sculpting. The moves include balance exercises, standing abwork and lower-body routines (often with a subtle Tracy-specific tweak). Requires 3 to 5 lb. dumbbells; ankle weights are wrist weights are optional. ©2013.

If you want to watch the clip, please go to this link and click "Play clip"

I ordered mine on Amazon, where it will be released August 6th.

Have you ordered yours yet? Will you order it?

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