Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Method for Beginners... So close yet so far!

Hello everyone!

I know, ANOTHER post about the Beginner DVD Tracy is coming out with. And no, this one is not that informational.

I just want to say how excited I am to be getting it- It comes out on August 6th and I already have my preorder in. That is.... 13 days away.  Not a lot but it seems soooooo far away (as it always does when you want something NOW, haha)

There is also another thing I may finally need to buy if the video clips are any indication- Ankle Weights.

I'm ASSUMING they are 3 pounds, and in the clip they looked like these:

I did my best to grab a clip from the short video they have online and as you can see she is weighted on both her wrists and ankles. Interesting.

Well in short I am still really excited about this but I obviously can't plan anything with how I will use it until I see what it entails. 

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