Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Still truckin on the veggie train!

Hello everyone!

I am surprising myself.  Today is my 4th day as a vegetarian and I am still doing good on it in terms of not giving in to temptation.

My roommate has been pouring on the temptations like nothing else.  She KNOWS I am a vegetarian now. So, being a troll...

"Hey want some beef jerky?"

"Hey, want some pepperoni pizza?"

I regrettably (sort of) said no thank you.

My past two days have instead been consisting of eating bananas in the morning, and sometimes some fries, or hummus, salads, and my newfound love- Kabocha squash.

Looks funny, tastes good!

I also have a new recipe I tried and love- Kabocha Salad 

It's like potato salad but with kabocha instead.  It's also a Japanese recipe.

I will post the recipe tomorrow- I am going to make it again to make sure it's good, haha.  

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