Saturday, July 6, 2013

Not feeling too good. Veggies to the rescue?

Hello everyone!

In America, we celebrated our Independence Day on Thrusday, and as per tradition, I also had a little barbecue going at home.  

Sadly for me, when there's barbecue, there's leftovers. When there's leftovers, there's overeating all weekend to get rid of it all.

Not MY barbecue, but this sure looks good, right? (Sorry, vegans!)

Of course, like most people, I had the most processed, junky kinds of meat to grill- sausages, hot dogs, and so on. And this is what I've been eating this whole weekend.  Not so bad, right?

Well, maybe for other people.  As for me... 

I feel miserable.  I feel bloated, horrible, and like I gained 20 pounds (I am terrified of the scale right now).  Also, my skin is in its worst shape ever.  This has been happening for a little bit recently but after the animal product overload... I feel like I'm covered in blackheads... Because I am.  

I've tried keto diets, and eating lots of meat and for the most part while I can say I got a little energy boost, my skin was still shot, and I ended up eating a lot of vegetables with these fatty (I also found the excess fat hurt my stomach and made me sick just like grains do) meats.

So, I am wanting to try to make a transition to a more vegetarian, perhaps one day fully vegan lifestyle.  I'll try it for a week or so and see if there's any change in how I feel.  I will also be a mostly grain free vegan/vegetarian (and not eating a lot of meat substitutes) because sadly gluten is in a lot of these things. 

Let's hope foods like these can help.

For now, I will still be eating eggs. Dairy is out, it makes me sick to my stomach and meat, obviously out.  (There are times when I would eat something Japanese with dashi in it, which SOMETIMES has a little fish extract in it.  I usually make my own dashi out of seaweed but some store bought stuff has katsuoboshi (dried tuna) in it)

I am hoping my skin clears up, my weight comes off, and that I feel better in general.  Also, any vegan/veggie  recipes and suggestions (Grain/Gluten free please!) are welcome!!!!

Have any of you made the change from carnivore to vegetarian? Any tips on how to deal with it (when living with meat eaters also helps) would be  very welcome too. 

*EDIT*  Also, there IS an ethical reason behind this too.  Every time I see videos and pictures of animals being slaughtered and how horrid they are being treated, it hits my heart. However, my dog will NOT be vegan/veggie.  I am not going to force my dietary needs on him.  I do buy natural, whole,  healthy dog food for him, and he is healthy and happy.

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