Saturday, July 13, 2013

Vegan... And acne??

Hello everyone!

I have been vegan for about a week now, and while I am feeling better in terms of digestion, one thing I AM NOT loving is that my skin is reacting to this.

I am not getting the clear pretty skin people claim veganism  will bring.

More of these = More acne??

Nope, I am getting acne- painful under-the skin acne that I can't seem to stave off. 

It's also hot outside, but that is not my main concern.  Previous summers, I have not broken out this badly.  

I am wondering and HOPING if this is just temporary, that this is all the yuckiness from the animal products leaving my body through my skin.

I am trying to keep my skin nice and clean, and that doesn't seem to be helping much, which is making me wonder even more if this is a food related thing.

To my vegan and vegetarian ladies: have any of you had this happen to you or someone you know?  Comment below, and any fixes are very welcome!!!


  1. I haven't had problems with breakouts since turning vego (and I also have a hormone disorder). However ... not sure how your diet is ... but I can't have more than 1gram of fat per meal since having gall bladder out - so I have minimum fats (both good and bad). i know that a lot of vegan/vego dishes can have added fats/oils which even though they are good for you, can upset the balance (like avocado). I also use angels on bare skin cleanser from lush (cheap for how little you use) - since using it, I don't get a break out (and I have problems with black heads, etc from hormones), it is an everyday gentle exfoliator but the natural oils keeps the skin healthy and smooth

  2. Hi,

    I think your body is getting rid of all the bad stuff in your body. I am a pescatarian, mostly vegetarian. Give it about a month and I think your skin will improve. Be gentle with your skin don't over exfoliate.