Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Another Diet I Never Heard of: The GL Diet

Hello everyone!

Before, I talked about the Mediterranean Diet and how I hadn't heard of it, what it entails, etc.

This time I saw another diet I didn't know much about: The GL Diet

Upon reading about what it is, I found out that the GL (Glycemic Load) Diet also goes by another name: The GI (Glycemic Index) diet, which I HAVE heard of but do not know much about.

So what is the GI/GL Diet?

It's a diet where you do not have to count calories in food, but take in mind the glycemic load- which is the measurement of the effect the food will have on your blood sugar.

Most foods have been assigned a GI- Usually grains and high carb foods have a higher index and things like meats and cheeses have a lower GI.

Here's some examples- the GI is based on pure glucose (sugar) having a GI of 100.

To  me, the way I see it is that GL/GI is just a fancy way of saying low carb dieting.  If you look at the foods with the lower GI, those are the lower carb foods.

Have you ever done the GI diet?  Do you know anyone who has?

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