Friday, August 1, 2014

More Reasons Not to Eat Processed Foods (As if We Didn't Have Enough Already)

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I found an article online with 11 reasons not to eat processed foods.  We already know they're not good for us, but a lot of us may not know WHY.

1. They destroy your kidneys and bones.

A lot of different flavored noodles and things contain a lot of ingredients with phosphates in it that help degenerate the kidneys and bones.  Avoid anything with phos- in the ingredients. Examples:  "sodium phosphate," "calcium phosphate," and "phosphoric acid".

2. Pesticides.  In your breakfast cereal.

In various tests, remnants of over 70 pesticides have been found in boxes of breakfast cereal.  70 different kinds in one box.  To avoid pesticides, choose organic cereal.

3. Shorter life.

A study done in the Public Health Journal in 2012 showed that those who cooked at home 5 times a week were 47% more likely to be alive 10 years later than those who ate more processed foods. 

Try cooking more fresh seasonal foods if possible.

4. You'll age faster.

Research shows phosphates and other genetically modified ingredients accelerate aging.  

5. Price.

Although it seems cheaper to eat packaged foods, it really isn't.  Many foods that come canned or packaged are cheaper per serving made at home with good ingredients.

6. More hunger!

Loads of extra sugar in processed foods make you even hungrier to eat even more.

7.  Low Fat Nonsense

It's been found that since the low fat trend started in food, people have been getting even fatter.  Fat free and low fat foods have loads of sugar added to them to make them taste edible.

8. Lots of dyes

A lot of fake dyes are added to a lot of vegetables and fruit juice to make them seem fresher than they really are.  Also a lot of juices don't have any real juice in them.  Again, better to buy organic because fake dyes are not allowed.

9. They're addictive on purpose

Why is all that added sugar put in the food? To make you addicted and buy more and more and more. 

10. Cause asthma in kids

It has been found that kids who eat more processed food have a higher instance of getting asthma, because ingredients in most processed food cause inflammation.  Feed your kids more fruits and vegetables and there will be a lower chance they will get asthma.

11. Being a guinea pig

More than 8,000 chemicals are in processed foods these days and only 15 have had any long term studies on human health.  Avoid chemicals.  If an ingredient list is a chemical shitstorm (pardon the language) then it's best to avoid it.

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