Friday, August 8, 2014

Oriental Raisin Tree Tea- What is it?

Hello everyone! 

I was shopping at my local Asian grocery store and I saw this tea on sale.

Yes. It says "It's for men" and "After drinking too much, good for next morning"

It's a tea made with the fruit of the Oriental Raisin Tree.  I looked up what benefits it has, and its main benefit is detoxifying the liver. That explains the post-night-of-drinking suggestion.  

How does it taste?  Not bad, actually.  It doesn't taste "fruity" as it suggests (since it uses the tree's fruit).  It tastes more like barley tea to me.  Not bad at all.  Has a slightly slippery feeling in my mouth though.

Have any of you ever tried this tea? 

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  1. I picked up a box when I was in Seoul last year. :) it's refreshing, never had it iced but I imagine that would be lovely!