Monday, August 18, 2014

Unleash Your Inner Popstar: Tracy Anderson's Newest DVD

Hello everyone!

Long time no see!

Recently, Tracy Anderson has announced that she is going to be coming out with a brand new choreographed dance cardio DVD! *Yay!*

The new DVD is called "Unleash Your Inner Popstar" and is the first choreographed DVD in six years.

I noticed one thing on this cover of the DVD that really piques my interest: "Non Impact Option Included". Now I feel like this is worth my time, I was afraid that this would be like her previous DVDs, which are hard and all full of jumps.  If she can do a choreography with no impact, I am sold!  50 minutes is also a real good time to work up to- and choreographed stuff, honestly, DOES feel different to do.  When I have done it in comparison to her freestyling, I had felt burning in muscles I didn't know I even had!

Here's an example of the workout from GOOP. 

It does not say what the release date is yet, but it is available to pre-order on her site.

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