Saturday, August 2, 2014

Does Detoxing Equal Weight Loss?

Hello everyone!

Lately detoxes and cleanses are all the rage, and people seem to mainly do them because they allegedly cause weight loss.

 Detox Diets: Cleanses and smoothies and fasts, oh my!

Well, sort of.

Here's the truth.

 Detox diets can cause short term weight loss.

The hard core truth is that weight loss comes from burning more calories than you eat.  That's it.  Yes, most detox diets are very low in calories and that may help the weight loss, but often, that weight loss is water.

Detox diets are not meant for the long term, the metabolism gets slowed when one is on a detox diet to make up for the lack in calories.

However, they still can be beneficial. 

They can help you stop eating so much processed food.  Higher intake of fruits and vegetables (which is what usually happens on detox diets) is also always a good thing.

However, it is generally not advised to go on a detox for the long term because of the restrictiveness involved.  Also, there is very little scientific facts and studies as to whether detoxes are actually beneficial, most claims are made from personal testimonials.

So, in the end, detox diets are really not the answer to long term weight loss, but they can certainly help get you off to a good start and help change your habits.

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