Thursday, August 7, 2014

20 habits that are making you fat part 1

Hello everyone!

I found an article that has info some of you may already have known but still pretty informative.

These are 20 things people do that make them fatter.

1. Eating "low-fat" versions of foods.  These only save a few calories and since the fat isn't there to make the food taste good, they load it with sugar.  Often eating this kind of food actually makes people hungrier.

2. Not seeking nutrition advice. Research shows that people who receive nutritional advice are more likely to start making healthier changes.

3. Sleeping too little or too much.  Dieters who sleep 5 hour or less a night or over eight hours gain 2.5 times more body fat.  Best fat loss sleep amount is 6-7 hours.

4. Eating free restaurant food.  Things like breadsticks, chips, biscuits etc.  Filling up on these along with your main meal can add 500 calories or more to your intake.

5. Drinking soda.  Both regular AND diet soda are bad.  Research theorizes that fake sweeteners in diet soda trigger appetite, which causes people to subconciously eat more.

6. Skipping meals.  People who cut out breakfast were 4.5 more likely to be obese.  Skipping meals slows metabolism and makes you hungrier at later meals.

7. Eating too fast.  It takes 20 minutes for your stomach to tell the brain that it is full. Slower eaters often take in less calories than people who eat fast.

8. Watching too much tv. Studies showed that overweight people who cut their tv watching time in half burned 119 more calories a day on average.

9. Ordering combo meals. Compared to ordering food individually, people who tend to order value meals end up intaking more calories.

10. Facing the buffet.  Researchers found that at buffet-style restaurants, obese customers were 15 percent more likely to sit in clear view of the food.

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