Sunday, August 3, 2014

Eye Wrinkles? You May Just Be Dry

Hello everyone!

I know this is not a diet or fitness related post BUT I think in a way, it is health related.  Lately, I have been experiencing something that, as a woman in her twenties, is quite annoying and feels a bit premature - Wrinkled skin around the eyes. 

I have been having this issue for a little while now, I do not have crow's feet or wrinkles like that, but the skin under my eyes is just a bit wrinkled.  Not enough to make me look old, but enough to make makeup under my eyes look caked, cracked and horrible. 

Lately, my eyes have been looking more like the picture on the left. 

I also have panda eyes - those dark circles- but makeup can cover that so I am not so worried.  I did find out why my eyes are wrinkled - dryness.

Last night, I did an experiment. I bought a skincare line (that I haven't been religious enough in its use) that claims to have huge amounts of hyaluronic acid, and I have an eye cream by Shiseido - their Eye Revitalizer.

Last night, I did the full skin care regime, including the weekly mask sheet treatment, and followed it with this eye cream.  Loads of moisture.   I then waited for the products to absorb, then had a look at my eyes.  A HUGE improvement. Not 100%, but definitely a big change.  Turns out I was just dry.

Other tips for keeping that skin smooth *that I need to practice as well* are getting enough water and getting enough sleep. 

So, before running to get botox (or whatever you think surgery can do for your wrinkled eyes) make sure you're not just dry before hacking up your face for no reason. 

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