Friday, August 15, 2014

Wheat's effect on the brain

Hello everyone! Long before, I have posted about reading a book called Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis and how it gave me a wakeup call about all the stuff modern wheat does to the body. Reading up on his blog reminds me that I really should be giving his book another read. He posted a story about how a woman who read his book was suffering from horrible neurological (nerve) difficulties, pain, inflammation, etc and that she stopped eating wheat and her health greatly improved. Here's her story- taken from the blog.

 "The Wheat Belly book and the wheat-free diet have saved my life, or at least my quality of life. Thank you. I read the book and saw myself and my future. Bleak. I was walking like an MS [multiple sclerosis] patient, step-by-step telling my feet what to do. No connection between my brain and feet. Staggering, no balance. My husband would help me out of bed in the morning, stand me up, and hold me until I regained some balance. Then I would walk slowly to the kitchen, holding furniture and walls. Stand for a minute or two and have to sit down. Terrible nerve pain in my legs and feet. Felt like the pain was right in the bones. I was prescribed Lyrica in higher and higher doses. Just made me feel sick and gain more weight. Then I was left with taking Tylenol and Advil in the maximum doses, worrying about the side effects. But what else to do? My physician sent me to a spinal surgeon. I have degenerating discs in my lower spine. He said I have spinal stenosis and needed fusion and laminectomies. He would fix my nerves while he was in there pulling them away from spine. Scary thought. Then I heard about the Wheat Belly book, read it and went wheat free. Two months later all my inflammation is gone, peripheral nerve pain gone, IBS [irritable bowel syndrome] gone, sleeping in the afternoon gone, feeling like I was developing old lady incontinence gone. I have more energy and my health back. My pain is about 75% relieved. Lost a size in my clothes and can walk again. Very little problem with my back. This is wonderful and I will never eat that poison called “wheat” again. Again Dr. Davis: Thank you." 

 This made me want to read again, last time I read Wheat Belly was a little less than a year ago, but I need to re-scare myself straight, I think.  I also remember how good I felt after going wheat free last year.

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