Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Want a Higher Calorie Burn When Walking?

Hello everyone!

Lately I have been meaning to take more walks to get some exercise in.  In fact, I took a walk yesterday.  However, walking isn't known for burning a whole lot of calories compared to like, say, running.

There's a few ways to get more bang for your step.


Studies have shown that people who walk to upbeat music work out harder and longer.  It also helps the time pass by a LOT, especially for me.

One of the tunes I like while walking- Actually their music makes me want to dance while walking, hehe.

Move your entire body!

Walking is not just for your legs.  Swing those arms, too. With feeling!

Go to the beach!

Walking on sand takes much more effort than walking on a nice smooth surface.  That means more calorie burn.

Walk holding weights or wear a weighted vest

Walk with an energetic dog! (this is another one I can do, haha)

How do you make the most of YOUR walk? Let me know in the comments!

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