Thursday, August 14, 2014

Bodyweight Exercises

Hello everyone!

Another thing my  brother told me about how he lost the weight that he did was bodyweight exercises. He told me he does a circuit every other day, and at the beginning he was no good at it.

A while later, he can go through several rounds of a circuit and he feels much stronger.  Even better- he hasn't bulked a bit.  

So, if a man doesn't bulk from regular bodyweight work, that makes me feel much better about it.  I found a program on with a bodyweight routine for women meant to give the body more of a dancer-like look.

I gave it a try and I could barely make it through one round, and even then I could not do all of the reps that the program said to.  I also had to modify my pushups to knee pushups. 

Here is a printable PDF of the workout I downloaded and I am going to try to do it every other day.

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