Sunday, October 26, 2014

Natto- Smells Bad, Good For You!

Hello everyone!

As someone who likes and has an interest in Asian foods, there is one food I know of that gets really mixed up reactions.  Either you love it or you hate it.

What is it? Natto.

Natto is fermented soybean, same bean as soy sauce and miso come from, but it's different.  It's still in whole bean form and it's very very sticky and smells. 

It looks like this when it's all mixed up: 

It's an acquired taste but has a lot of health benefits, the bacteria it is fermented with is similar to that of yogurt or kimchi in a way, and helps with the digestion for example.

Also it's usually not eaten by itself.  Usually it's mixed with soy sauce or a little mustard (a tiny mustard packet usually comes with it) and on top of something or with something like rice (I've seen people put it on toast too).

Do I like it? I don't know! I recently bought some but have not tried it yet.  When I do, I will post how I reacted to it, hahaha.

Have any of you ever tried natto?  Would you?

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