Thursday, October 23, 2014

A warning about brown rice syrup

Hello everyone-

I came across an article on Yahoo this morning that is not necessarily about weight loss, but it IS relevant if you eat brown rice/brown rice syrup.

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Recently, studies have shown that organic brown rice syrup COULD be a high source of arsenic, and the article also mentions rice itself having arsenic in it.  This just makes being gluten free even harder, if you don't want poison in your food.  And going organic won't change it much- the arsenic was found in organic brown rice syrup-containing foods. 

I actually have a jar of organic brown rice syrup that I think I might have to toss in the can after reading this. 

As far as I know, stevia is still safe to use for sweetening, so I think I will keep doing that. 

I really think the best way (at least for me) is to just avoid grains altogether, since everything seems so wrong with all of them these days.  I usually feel better when I do.

Have any of you tried to be grainless? How do you like it?

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