Sunday, November 9, 2014


Hello everyone!

Being that I am still trying new veggies to eat, I decided to try something I have heard a lot about- Maitake mushrooms (or "Hen of the woods")

They look like this: 

Looks almost too pretty to eat, I think. 

Maitake are popular especially in Japan because they have strong anti-cancer properties, as well as being an immune system booster and also having anti-bacterial properties.

So, how do they taste?  

Pretty freakin good, the way I prepared it.  I cut the base/root area off, cleaned the mushroom and gently sauteed the petals in olive oil with a little sea salt and pepper. Delicious. The downside as with any  mushroom is they shrink when cooked. 

These mushrooms are a tiny bit pricey (one mushroom about the size of my fist cost me $2.49) but the health benefits and the taste are worth it. 

Do you have a mushroom recipe? Share it in the comments!

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