Friday, October 3, 2014

Pork is Actually Good for You?

Hello everyone!

I  have often heard people tell me that pork is not healthy, that I shouldn't eat it for a variety of reasons (weight gain, risk of getting worms in my stomach, the fat isn't good for you, etc), but according to some Koreans, pork meat- namely the pork belly meat- is actually a health food in a way.

This is actually good for you. 

Pork belly meat (Or Samgyeopsal - meaning 3 layer meat in Korean) is basically bacon before they have done anything to it. No curing, no seasoning, just plain meat.  In Korea, it is often cooked on a griddle and the excess fat drips out of that, or they use a charcoal grill. 

What are the benefits of eating this?  

(A list of the benefits at a Korean restaurant)

For starters, pork meat has much more vitamin B1 than red meat and is rich in many other minerals such as phosphorous and iron. (Which I can imagine does help with the skin health)   I also read somewhere about how the fat in pork belly meat helps to clean out heavy metals in the blood. I'm not sure if it's true or not.

My opinion: If eating pork belly helps you feel better and makes you look better, I say go for it.  Just try not to eat too much because it IS high in calories.

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