Saturday, October 4, 2014

It's Here! Dance + Cardio Review!

Hello everyone!!

I did receive my Dance + Cardio DVD and as promised, here's the review!

My arsenal for getting back to exercise!

The DVD is broken down into two workouts, each 30 minutes long.   Both workouts have a warm-up in the beginning, about 5 minutes to get you ready.

Combo 1:  This is where you want to start, especially if you are injured or severely out of shape (like me!)  I was floored when I watched this part, in a good way.

There is almost NO jumping in this portion of the DVD.  There is the odd jumping jack, or a little jumping move here and there but few and far between.  It's like this combination is starting to ease you gently into the jumping part of the cardio.   

Combo 2: This combination is more jumpy, without a doubt.  However, if you are familiar with Metamorphosis cardio, it's not THAT jumpy.  

It's more like a balance of the first combination and this. A really good transition, in my opinion.

All in all, I am exceedingly pleased with this DVD. It is exactly what I was hoping it would be, as it suits my needs very well.  As an obese, out of shape person, I give this DVD two thumbs up.  It may also be suitable for those who are pregnant and still want to get your groove on.  (I am not a doctor, it's just an idea.)

Would I recommend this to a seasoned TAMer or someone who's really fit already? Probably not, unless you were looking for something for a low-energy day, or in the chance you got injured or not feeling well and would rather do something than nothing. 

I will do another updated review when I actually try the DVD (which will happen very soon) to see if it REALLY is what I needed. (I have a feeling it will be).

If you want to get a copy for yourself, click here:


  1. Hi! Just wanted to let you know that because of your blog I decided to try the Tracy Anderson Method again. Your enthusiasm is that inspiring!

    I just did the first section of the Method for Beginners and I really liked it! It's non-intimidating and I feel great. I am going to try to alternate the workouts on the DVD for the rest of December.

    I am also looking forward to her Mini Trampoline DVD, which is in the mail!

  2. I also am really excited to try again, and I do like how non-threatening the method for beginners (and this new Dance + Cardio) is. I know in her other DVDs she never meant to be threatening, but let's face it, those other workouts are HARD, especially when out of shape and overweight. Good luck getting back to it!