Friday, March 8, 2013

Why I am Trying the Morning Banana Diet Again

Hello everyone!

I posted before (well a while ago) about a diet in Japan called the Asa Banana Diet (Morning Banana Diet)  and I have been thinking that I really want to give it a shot again.

There are advocates for all kinds of diets, but the reality is (this I have heard from a few personal trainers and normal people alike) that the best kind of diet is one that you can stick to and make into a lifestyle.

I really think I could make the banana diet into a lifestyle- especially about the eating good food and learning to chew and appreciate it until you reach a certain level of fullness (all of the rules are on the link earlier in the post) 

Eat your bananas! 

Another major appeal (or "apeel" pun intended) about the diet is the cost.  It's cheap to go on, no special foods to buy aside from bananas, and the only stuff I really need to stay away from is dairy and alcohol which I really have no business eating anyway.

At this point with all honestly I do not think I can really exclude entire food groups, like carbs, etc.  So, I decided to use the morning banana diet to tackle another major issue I have- PORTION CONTROL.  I also really need to learn to slow the hell down when I eat. I don't give myself time to be full and I think it's a huge factor in my weight.

I went out today and bought some bananas, and the diet SUGGESTS eating Japanese food, which suits me fine because I have a lot of it at home anyway.

As for exercise, I am not going to do any set plan, but will try to move around every day.  The diet suggests walking but any exercise will really be okay.

So, tomorrow (Saturday) I'll take my weight and stuff and I'll start!

Have a great day!

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