Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Getting out of a rut

Hello everyone!

I noticed I haven't posted any progress lately.

Here goes!

I have to admit that last week was sort of a bust with the dieting, it was my spring break from school (and work) and allowed me to sit home and be lazy.  However, in general the diet I am following is becoming more and more of a habit.

Lately, I am up at night prepping food for the next day instead of spending extra money at the cafeteria buying whatever it is they're making.   My entire lunch which is a protein, pickles, rice and soup is likely lower calorie than a burger and fries.

Also, my green tea intake has been going up and also becoming habit.  I use that instead of coffee to come to life at work.

Another habit- no more elevators. (Well, unless I'm at like, a high rise building or something)  This is almost 100% habit.  At work, it's a 3 story building plus a basement, and to get around to run my errands, I use the stairs. (Unless I have to wheel a cart or something, but that's uncommon.  Most of my errands at work are very walkable)

Another thing I cannot wait for is warmer weather so I can walk my dog properly instead of just a short stroll to the backyard to do his business. He's small and his hair is short and I don't feel comfortable having him out in the cold for very long.

Also, I want to get back to doing Meta but my schedule is really crazy (Very early mornings to late nights most of the week) so I am going to wait until May.  In the meantime, when I have time, I want to do Post Pregnancy.

I'm doing Abcentric, which has lots of plank work.  Post Pregnancy trains you to be able to do planks if you can't and even modifies them so I can get stronger.  Cardio will be dancing when possible or some other kind of activity.  Nothing too strict until I start Meta.  Also I consider myself to be in the same kind of shape as a new mom, especially one with weight to lose- weak abs, tight hips, and needing to take it slow at first.

I figure 3-5 times a week until school is done should do something for me to strengthen (and perhaps tighten) up a little.

Still keeping this diet because it seems doable and I feel more energetic. It's also food I like and easy to prepare, although it is a bit time consuming because it IS less processed.

I'll post as I do it, but I'm trying to make it a habit first before turning it into some major grand master plan like Meta. 

That's about it for now, I have to do some homework then my first Post Pregnancy workout.

Have a great Tuesday!

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