Sunday, March 10, 2013

So I Dusted off the Kinect...

Hello everyone!

A long while back, I posted about how I got Dance Central 2, and how much I loved the game, etc.

Well I do love the game, but I have been super lazy as of late.  However, recent events (rearranging my basement area and having much more space) caused me to get it out and give it a go.  So I did.

After calibrating my kinect, I thought I would play a few songs on easy, test out the sensors and what not.  Usually songs on easy are pretty well, easy for me.

Not anymore, haha!

I was able to play through 3 easy songs... And I felt like I got the crap kicked out of me.  Like legit sore.

As you can see, they really do make you dance.  It's no waving around a remote and "dancing".  

So my new goal is to master all of the songs on easy, which  means getting a 5 star rating.  Also play at least an hour or so a day.  At first this will likely be off and on (5 mins here and there) until I get a bit better at it.  Being so out of shape that I am, I think this is a good start.

Also I plan on getting more unplanned exercise. Walking up the stairs at work instead of the elevator, etc. The weather here is trash (everything still covered in snow) but when the weather gets better I will be much more active outside, taking walks and taking my dog for real walks around the block, etc. (Right now he has to just go in the yard because the sidewalks aren't safe for his mommy to walk on without fear of falling and breaking her leg or something.  My luck usually steers that way, I have sprained my ankle countless times just WALKING.)

This week, I am off work aside from Wednesday and have no school. (Spring Break! WOO)  This means more time at home to sit around and I want to try really hard NOT to do it.   Perhaps my Xbox will be getting used though. 

Anyone else play these kinds of dancing games, and have you felt better/fitter as a result?

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