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New interview with Tracy!

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I found a new article with Tracy Anderson after her baby was born!

Here's what the interview says:

"(NEW YORK) Tracy Anderson’s notorious Method has reshaped oodles of A-listers—and now the most in-demand trainer in the industry is turning her attention to the masses. But first, some baby talk! BY MARIA DENARDO
How are you feeling?
I just got back into my skinny jeans this morning!

What’s your number one post-pregnancy workout tip?
Wait for your doctor to give you the green light to work out—otherwise you can get this horrible thing where your abs, which separated during pregnancy, stay separated. They need time to come back together. An extra couple weeks aren’t going to make or break you. I’m also a huge supporter of breastfeeding, because it helps your baby and your body.
Tell us about your new pregnancy workout DVDs!When I had my son 13 years ago, I gained 60 pounds. After all that time, there was still nothing on the market for pregnant women that really worked! So this time, I filmed a fitness video for every one of nine months of my pregnancy. The DVDs come out this month, and some of the proceeds will be donated to Christy Turlington’s charity, Every Mother Counts.

How do workouts change over the nine-month span?
In the first couple months, you’re nauseous a lot, so the focus is more on nurturing, stretching, and staying in tune with your body. The second trimester is the time to get your butt in shape. In the third trimester, you’re so massive it’s just about figuring out how to move with this thing!

What age should kids start working out? 
Kids should never have to fight the fight of becoming fit. We work our bodies naturally when we’re little. It’s convenient parenting that causes kids to become inactive. Parents need to organize supervised movement play time, which can turn into focused movement time at about age four or five. By the time they’re teenagers they need to have a regular focused workout and conditioning time—not just during sports season!
So the Wii is not enough?I have great respect for Nintendo’s intention with the Wii, and it’s certainly a positive stepping stone to physical activity, but it doesn’t deliver enough of a workout to fight weight gain, maintain healthful endurance levels, and create proper strength. 
What are the best and worst exercises for kids?It isn’t healthy for children to start lifting weights too early. They need to gain strength and connection using their own bodies until their teenage years; that means starting slow and smart! The best exercises are movements that keep their brain active and maintain flexibility and endurance.
What’s your take on dieting?
I’m a fan of being strict with an education-based nutrition program that’s more of a philosophy on living than a diet. I’m not a fan of reading a diet book and then jumping on it long term. Those types of fad diets are designed to detox and get unhealthy weight off quickly. 

What about juice cleanses?Women in the fashion industry who are fans of juice cleanses are really doing their bodies a disservice. Juice cleansing is not meant to be a get-skinny-quick-and-do-it-often method of weight loss. Gwyneth [Paltrow] only does a cleanse once a year. They’re messing up their body’s natural metabolism and messing with their brains. That’s why I came up with the baby food diet. When you purée food, your digestion slows instead of stopping.
What did you do before you reached fitness fame?My mother owns a dance studio, so I grew up dancing. I had a lot of natural talent, but my dad is really fat, so when I went to school in New York City for dance, I gained 30 pounds. My body type shifted and nothing would take the weight off—not step aerobics, not Pilates, not cycling. That road was eye-opening for me.
Who was your first personal trainer?It was a Jazzercise instructor in high school. I thought she was so cool. She’s the reason I love funky leggings to this day.
When did you get your first big break?When American Idol Magazine called and asked for a quote. It was so weird! It also hit home for me when I already began training with Gwyneth and started to get e-mails from Madonna. I had no idea who was writing to me at first, because she signed all her e-mails “M.”
What was your first meeting like with Gwyneth?When I first met her, she couldn’t get the baby weight off from her second baby, Moses, who was already five-months-old. Her thighs were thicker at the time, but she hid it well. She said, ‘I know you have a son, and we’ll make it work.’ She’s so kind, and there’s not an entitled bone in her body. I just wanted to help her, and I knew I could do it. We’ve been together ever since. You can see a massive difference from the first Iron Man movie to her appearance in The Avengers.
Gwyneth is also your business partner. Is it all work and no play?We play! I pissed her off when another friend threw me a baby shower in California. It was the only time I could do a shower, and it was right by Chris Martin’s birthday, so I knew she wasn’t going to be able to do it. She got the invitation, and she was devastated. We’re both the type of women who are consistent. When you’re consistent, friendships are easier. You just pick up where you left off.
Do your celebrity clients get territorial over you?Some of them can be nasty! It was destroying me. A couple celebrity clients blew up at each other and others talked some of my trainers into stealing data or training them in methods they didn’t understand. It was like a war. 
How do you handle that?
I actually had to take myself out of hire because of it. I didn’t spend all this time creating this method for only a few celebrities. I have trainers all over for that!
What’s been your craziest client request so far?A celebrity e-mailed my assistant saying she wanted to work with me. When we met up, the assistant came out and said her boss was ready, but we couldn’t make her sweat and she doesn’t like rubber, so we couldn’t bring any rubber around her.
Who’s the prime candidate for The Tracy Anderson Method?I specifically designed it for all women, but it’s really for women who want to look feminine. They want their legs looking lean, their stomachs curving in, and their butts lifted off their legs. It’s not so much for the girl who wants to look like a triathlete.

What about the men?
We’ve had men like Matthew McConaughey and Tobey Maguire take a stab at it. It kills them! I’m the most inspired by Robert Downey, Jr. His wife is the best at doing The Method. He mixes it with martial arts.
What’s your signature dance move when you’re not hitting the gym?I’m a booty shaker.
Where’s the strangest place you’ve worked out?I’ve Skyped with Madonna in Africa inside a hovel. Also, I worked with Gwyneth while she filmed Two Lovers. It was in New Jersey, but it felt like hell. She had a tiny trailer with no room that had a mouse in it. We barreled out a full-on leg series in there...on the gross carpet. It’s not always glamorous.
Have you ever gotten hooked on SoulCycle or Physique 57?I’ve never even thought about doing another form of exercise since I came up with my Method 13 years ago. I have a big issue with spinning. I’m the one who has to change the women who come in because they’ve built up their glutes and their thighs so much from those massive, overpowered machines. 
How does your Hamptons studio differ?You don’t need a membership here, which is different from my other studios. During the off season, it feels like Indiana. That’s my speed. Now, it’s getting more popular. I hardly leave my house anymore because of the traffic. Everyone is relaxed and like, ‘I’m doing my workout today so I can have the best damn cookout tonight!’"

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