Saturday, August 25, 2012

Gluten-free Diet Not Healthy for Everyone?

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As you know (if you are a regular reader) I am one of the gluten sensitive/celiac disease sufferers who suffers ill effects from eating gluten.   There is also a book, "Wheat Belly" that even says that every one of his patients who gave the stuff up lost weight, and felt much better overall. And not all of them had celiac or a gluten sensitivity.

However, there is a study now saying that gluten may actually BOOST health in people.

The study argues that people who go gluten free may actually gain weight by eating more gluten free grain products because they contain oil and sugar.  SO DOES REGULAR BREAD.  What I think these scientists are observing is what I call a Diet Coke effect- thinking that because you are eating gluten free foods, you can eat more of them.  (As seen in the below video)

"Despite purported health claims often seen in the media, Dr. Gaesser found there is no evidence that the gluten-free diet provides benefits to the general population and that gluten itself may, in fact, provide important benefits, such as supporting heart, gut and immune system health."

Well, according to Wheat Belly, gluten and wheat actually actually seems to cause PROBLEMS in these areas and pretty much every area of the body.

I don't care what the study says, I'm staying gluten free.  And it just so happens that this study was paid for/provided by none other than the Grain Foods Foundation. Funny how that works out.

For the source of the study, click 

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