Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Madonna DVD #3

Hello everyone-

Here's the description of the third DVD!

"ATS DANCE: "WET, WET, WILD" is the second level of 3 routines built on the skills that you mastered in DVD #1. Nicole Winhoffer features three new ATS signature dances, “Ride the Horse,” “Drop Down” and “Hop Forward”. These dances definitely take the intensity factor up a notch but with the one-on-one coaching in the tutorial segment, you will have plenty of time to practice before moving on to the calorie blasting workout. Experience the excitement and feel like a real performer in the bonus segment when all 3 dances are put together in one combination – just like a live dance class!"

This is what I gather to be the more advanced dance cardio DVD after mastering DVD 1. 3 dances, but I wonder how long the DVDs are.

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