Sunday, August 26, 2012

Madonna DVD #1

Hello everyone!

As you know, Madonna's workout DVDs are coming very soon- I have heard a release date of September 5th.

I have found out some things about the DVDs and what they will be like. Today I will share DVD 1.

"ATS DANCE: "GET WET" is the first level of 3 routines from Madonna’s cardio dances. Nicole Winhoffer breaks down each step in a tutorial, so you are able to practice and master the choreography before turning up the music and performing. You will learn 3 ATS signature dances, “Step Together,” “Cha Cha” and “Electric Slide.” These are high impact, intricate, and high endurance dances, but through N
icole’s teaching technique they are simple to learn and follow along. Together, Nicole will train and guide you as she does with Madonna, to achieve results and learn about the body. As an added bonus segment, Nicole combines all three routines together, so you can perform without stopping: just like Madonna. By the end of the workout, you will be wet and Addicted To Sweat."

So to me this sounds like it will be a beginner level workout for some, which is just what the doctor ordered for some people.   When I actually get the DVDs I will review them in detail later on. 

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