Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Madonna DVD #4

Hello everyone~!

Last but not least, the fourth and final Addicted to Sweat DVD!

"JAW BREAKER CHAIR: "DRIPPING WET" is a brand new way of working out that will change your body forever! This power packed program uses a chair and your body to sculpt, tone and tighten your muscles. “Dripping Wet” is a full body workout with special focus placed on the butt, hips, and thigh area. And as in all of Nicole Winhoffer’s workouts, your abs and core, will be the driving center of your pr
ogram. After the warm up, you will get moving using the chair to get your heart rate going and enhance toning with the leg exercises. Next you will hit the floor for focused ab and core training. Finish up with flexibility and mobility for the entire body. The repetitions are high and the intensity is increased but with the modifications provided, anyone can achieve their goals. Follow along with Nicole in the tutorial to learn her specific teaching techniques and guidelines for precise execution of all the unique moves. “DRIPPING WET” is challenging, but so much fun. You won’t even feel like you are working out!"

Keyword I am loving- Modifications and "anyone can achieve their goals".  I cannot wait to get these!  I also hope I am able to do them.  

If I am able to do these, I may even replace my Tracy Anderson workouts with these.  (well not replace, but perhaps add them in sometimes.)

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