Friday, August 10, 2012

Madonna is coming out with Workout DVDs!!!!

Hello everyone!

I am SO excited, because finally, Madonna, my favorite famous person, like ever (yes, seriously) came out with workout DVDs based on her training with her trainer, Nicole Winhofer (who is also a former Tracy Anderson trainer).

The instructor is Winhofer and she claims that the workouts in the DVDs are based on the exact moves she does with Madonna every day.

Trailer below!

They actually look doable to me- DVD 1 and 2 definitely.  3 and 4 are more advanced, but I still want them all!

No release date yet or pricing but as soon as I know, I'll post!!!!!

Anyone want to know what I want for Christmas? THESE! 


  1. Sweet!!! I want some, too, especially the dance cardio. Actual dancing, go figure!!

  2. Yeah not just jumping around like a fool, haha!