Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pre-bootcamp training final thoughts

Hello all!

After falling off of the bootcamp wagon due to my physical inability to go further than sequence 1, as I  mentioned before, I am going to be starting with the basics.  If I was lighter, bootcamp would have been much more doable I think. 

I decided to give my old friend, Mat Workout another go. I remember it being doable, but very challenging. In a good way! I also only remember being able to do about 10 reps on each leg. My goal- do 40 easily!

I also remembered the fact that I have the Tracy Anderson Connect abs, butt and arms webisodes. I have never actually DONE these, and so I gave them a watch.  Looks like a similar workout to the Mat workout without the chair and I think this will be my next transition after I master the original Mat workout. 
One thing I do miss that the older Muscular Structure work has that the new one does not is weighted arms. I remember when I first ever tried Tracy's workout, I saw results in my arms much faster than when I was doing PD1.  Also a huge plus that Mat has against PD series is the standing abs are easy to follow along with after watching it once or twice.

Last, but finally  not least, I have noticed myself tightening up in a bad way- loss of flexibility.  When I can squeeze it in, I will steal my roomie's P90X Stretch DVD- a whole hour of good stretching.  I want to get my hands on Ballet Boot Camp's stretch DVD as well.   Stretching time would be before bed, something about stretching out before bed makes it a lot easier to fall asleep. 

Going to weigh in before work tomorrow too, on the GOOD scale. The tricky part will be subtracting clothes weight.  My home scale is loopy, every time I step on I get a different result. At my job, the gym has a scale that gives consistent readings! 

Alright, enough rambling, time to go to bed. Got a busy day ahead!

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