Friday, November 26, 2010

Post-Thanksgiving Aftermath... And shoes!

Hi guys!!!

I hope all of you who celebrated yesterday had a lovely Thanksgiving.  I cooked dinner at my place, and like most other people, I have leftovers.  This has been totally dangerous for me all day, as it seems like today I can't stop eating! My god, this is ridiculous. I have almost half a mind to throw the rest of it in the garbage. 

Another thing- I GOT MY NEW SHOES~!!! (yay!)

I got my Mizuno Wave Inspire 6s- aka the shoes Anna is wearing in this video (I just realized it!)

So far, walking around my house in them, they feel amazing. VERY supporting yet at the same time really lightweight too.  If you order them, try a half size bigger than what you would normally order for running shoes.

I ordered mine at Zappos- free overnight shipping!

(and yes, I got the pink ones. )

For the free overnight shipping you have to become a VIP at Zappos- which they are letting people get- for free- for a limited time- as of this blog- 5 and a half hours left!

After I dance in these a few times, I will review them further!  Hoping that will be tomorrow.

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