Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My thanksgiving plans... AND a new video from Tracy!

Hi guys!!

Well, tomorrow is the big day for Americans- Thanksgiving Day which  means we are going to be around a lot of food.  What are my plans for tomorrow?

I am going to be cooking!  While it won't be the healthiest, it's one day, so no need to stress.  I'm making a roast ham, stuffing, and a few vegetables on the side.  If anything, the killer (and arguably the best tasting of this) is the stuffing, which I will be making from scratch!  Old family recipe and I only make it once a year, and I will try my best not to overindulge.

Knowing I will be eating this lovely stuff, I did a little extra exercise than normal.  I am actually quite proud of myself!  I had to go pick up my paycheck, but instead of driving my car, I decided to walk there and back instead, so I got in a full hour of walking (30 minutes each way) and even though it's pretty cold here, I was sweating when I got home.  After that, I did my Mat workout- 15 reps a leg, walking really burned my legs! and 40 minutes of boot camp dance cardio (step touching).

Speaking of cardio, lately I have been feeling pain in my arches of my feet, my knees and my hips, and I think it's definitely because of the shoes.  Hopefully tonight, I will be ordering a new pair of Mizuno Wave Inspire 6 *recommended by Tracy among a few others* online tonight and having them overnighted to me so I can hopefully use them on Friday when I am working off the yummies. 

Last, but definitely not least- just in time for Thanksgiving, Tracy released a new webisode on YouTube- a short leg work section and a new dance cardio routine!  Enjoy!  I want one of those Tracy tank tops they're wearing- super cute!

Have a lovely Thanksgiving, enjoy friends, family, and food- and get back to work on Friday!

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