Thursday, November 4, 2010

Boot Camp Day 3!

Hi everyone!

I can't believe I made it three days now without even cheating just a little. AND having my monthly visitor (My number one excuse to not do ANYTHING). Craziness!

Today, had some more oatmeal, vegetables, chicken, and more vegetables. I feel like I'm getting used to the eating part. I've noticed some non-weight related benefits too. I also notice I seem to be digesting this stuff better than the fast food processed garbage I USED to eat.

Exercise... I just was able to do my cardio because I wasn't feeling well in the morning and had a time crunch. Cardio is most important when you're trying to lose weight. Got my combo 1 step touch done, and was pretty pooped when I was done.  Didn't have time at night to do my MS  but I got home at like, 10:40 pm and just wanted bed. Sweet, sweet bed.

Advice- If you have Tracy's other DVDs- for a warm up I do PD1's warm up section before my mat work and BDC warm up before my cardio.  I like following the warm ups to a DVD too and the boot camp dvd doesn't have this.  The book does but I prefer working out to the DVD. 

Another thought... Since I have a lot of weight to go... Thinking of keeping up boot camp for a second consecutive month... Or should I follow the same guidelines but instead use the other DVDs- Example- sequence 1 is PD1, sequence 2 PD2, sequence 3 is PD3, etc.  What do you guys think?


  1. I would continue with bootcamp maybe for 2 months and then regular dvds!!
    You will so make it!!

  2. I second Kirsica - try it for two months, I mean, why not right? It can get a little boring, but I found that if I have the tv on during the muscle work, that helps (I try to stay present during the exercises, but it diverts from the pain :). The only thing I might think about is that when you do work up to all of the reps and more cardio is that (and don't let this discourage you), it can get a little time consuming, and then it's super easy for me to make excuses. So that's a bit of a drag. I just have to make myself get out of bed earlier is all (which sucks, but it's the only time). Anyway, long answer, but if you stick with the BC for two months, that also gives you a little longer to work up to full reps (just because it seemed like you were a little worried about that part, or maybe I read that wrong in an earlier blog). You are doing great though! Keep it up! We're all rooting for you! That's a lot of exclamation points!

  3. Thanks guys! Yeah I know it will take me longer than 30 days to do 40 reps of this stuff. Yeah I do want to make myself able to do more. I'm at 20-25 (if I really push it) and I always had a tough time building up strength. I guess my main thing is I have to do cardio most importantly, as weight loss is definitely my #1 priority. I read if you're toning as a priority, make sure to do your MS even though in both cases they're equally important.