Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cleaning out my closet, and my belly!

Hi guys!

I hope everyone is having a good weekend. Last night, I decided to look through my old clothes.  I came across 3 pairs of jeans- one in a juniors 13, 15, and 17 respectively.  I haven't worn jeans in so long, so I decided to try and put on the 17s. The didn't even go all the way up to my hips. they stopped just below my saddlebags.  Therefore, my first shrinking goal (after fitting comfortably in my XL Juicy Couture track pants which are the equivalent of a US Misses 14, but being that they're sweats, there's a lot more room in them than jeans) will be to fit into those again, comfortably, then the 15s, then the 13s.  (Junior sizes are a little smaller than Misses/Women's sizes, a junior 13 is like a misses 11-12)  I have always worn junior sizes because they are a bit more slim in the hips (I'm not a really curvy girl under the weight).  I hope to fit in the 17s a lot better by Christmas or New Years. 

My ultimate goal dress is a long, dark green Chinese dress in a size 34 (I'm guessing that's a European size because it's tiny!).  I did some research and it's close to a US 4 or 6. (I think- there was a lot of different info on this!) 

Anyone else have any "goal clothes" to measure their progress in?   I'm getting back on the Tracy wagon full force on Monday. I saw on her twitter page she'll be posting new stuff on Monday! I hope it happens!

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  1. Good luck, and it sounds like you did great this weekend! I've enjoyed reading your blog. My goal is a pair of pants I bought a few years ago at a low weight - by L.A.M.B, and they're these super hot black trousers that hang just right on my hips. I WANT to wear them again!