Monday, November 29, 2010

Post-holiday weekend- back on the wagon!

Hi everyone!

The weekend is over, that means it's time to get back down to business!  Unfortunately, "business" kicked my butt this morning.  

Let's just say I LOVE my  new shoes (And apparently so do Tracy and Anna). Best workout-related investment (aside from the TAM stuff) of my life.  I wish I knew about these before. Very lightweight shoes, and I was able to withstand a little extra bounce in my dance.  My old shoes were noticeably heavier and hurt my arches and knees.  I jammed out 30 minutes, still low impact but I felt tired on a whole new level- which is what kicked my ass this morning.  :D

I couldn't do more than the 30 this morning, my body decided enough was enough and demanded a 1 hour nap before work.  Still not too bad considering I was horrendously lazy Thursday-Sunday.

As for my MS- (I always seem to be an MS avoider rather than a cardio avoider...) That is on the list for tonight, after class and after work.

More blogs later, just thought I would shoot out my Monday morning update!

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