Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Days 7-9 plus a recipe!

Hi guys!!!

Sorry about the really late blog post- yesterday wasn't feeling too hot. 

Day 7-

Went as normal, got my exercise in, ate right, nothing out of the ordinary.

Day 8- 

Had a problem with my exercise... I was doing my Sequence 1 Muscle Structure work and every ten reps of the leg moves I had to stop and yawn, I was exhausted. All I got accomplished that day was legs. 25 reps. No abs or arms, I felt like I was going to crash for the night already and I still needed what little energy I had left to get through work and class. This lack of energy led to day 9-

Day 9-

NOT feeling well, my weakness the previous day probably led to this.  I didn't work out, I just let myself sleep as much as I needed to- until 2 pm.  I did feel guilty but friends of mine are right- take care of yourself so you're out for a day as opposed to a whole week! 

I also have a recipe for you guys- how I cook my chicken breast without using any salt, yet still tastes great!

It's really simple- I promise! It's a garlic lover's and lemon lover's delight.

My Greek-style chicken breast~

What you need:

Boneless Skinless chicken breasts
Lemon juice
Garlic powder (or garlic cloves finely chopped)
Extra virgin olive oil

Step 1:

Rinse and pat the chicken dry and place in a tupperware dish, sprinkling garlic powder and oregano generously (to taste) on top of each piece (especially helpful if you are stacking the breasts on top of each other, so that the spices evenly flavor all of the chicken)

Step 2:

Pour enough lemon juice to cover the chicken. Place in the refrigerator at least overnight, shaking the container occasionally.

Step 3:

In a pan or on a grill, coat the cooking surface with olive oil (optional) and cook chicken until done on the inside and slightly browned.

Also good if you cut up the chicken before marinating, then it can be used in salads and such!

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  1. You know - I just got smacked down by that cold too! But, I've noticed my recovery time is quicker, and I think it's the exercise and eating helping out. (Had to take a break, of course, but still). Take care and hope you feel better soon - you're doing great!